Remember Shabbat and keep it Holy (Exodus 20:8)


A mixture of both English and Hebrew make up the prayers and songs in our services. Whether you are fluent or not in Hebrew, it is not necessary or expected. Transliterations are available for all prayers and songs which encourages everyone to participate in the reading of prayers and singing of songs.

We use the Mishkan T'filah prayer book and the service usually includes a d'var Torah or sermon. Oneg Shabbat follows immediately after services

Friday Night Shabbat Services

Friday night Shabbat services are held every Friday night of the year at 7:30 PM. For details on upcoming services, check the service times in the right column.

An Oneg Shabbat immediately follows our Shabbat services, providing refreshments and the opportunity for congregants and visitors to mingle and meet one another.

All family members are welcome at all services.

Saturday Morning Shabbat Services

Our community supports a Conservative minyan on Saturday mornings. Please call the office at (724) 834-0560.

Summer Friday Night Shabbat Services

During Summer months, Shabbat Services can start as early as 5:30 in order for our congregants to attend Summer Sounds in the Park. Please check the calendar for Summer Shabbat Scheduled Service times.

Dress Code

There is no formal dress code for services, however we ask that you dress appropriately when visiting Congregation Emanu-El Israel.