This Week @ Congregation Emanu-El Israel

CEI Office email is office@cei-greensburg.org

   Website address:  www.ceigreensburg.org

Rabbi Lenny cell phone:  724-963-0789

CEI has a supply of FDA 3-ply disposable masks. The proceeds of this purchase benefits the Excela Pandemic Response Fund through the Excela Health Foundation.  We are making them available to our members at no cost to you, but any donations to off-set costs would be greatly appreciated.  If you need a mask/masks for your daily use, please contact the office and make arrangements to pick them up with social distancing.  Thank you for staying safe!

Friday, 7-31-20

7:30 PM         Shabbat Service.  This service is ONLINE ONLY.


CEI LINK Program – a video conference experience.  CEI is now video conferencing our Shabbat Services on Friday evenings at 7:30 pm.  We would love for you to experience services with us online from your own home.  Please go to our website www.ceigreensburg.org for instructions on how to log into the meeting.  The meeting code should be the same each week.  If you have any questions, please call and talk with Rabbi Lenny and he will walk you through the process.  Songs for service will be available on the website.  The Mishkan T’filah (prayer book) used in the service may be downloaded through our webpage or one can be borrowed through the office.  Please contact the office to sign one out and arrange pick up.  The “chat” room is usually open by 7:15 pm for a socialization time before service.


Mark Your Calendars

The Sisterhood Pulpit Flower Form is in the June Bulletin.  Sisterhood recognizes that this is an unusual time and are hopeful that services will return to normal in the next year.  Since many fundraising opportunities have been lost and Sisterhood supports CEI and the community in a variety of ways, we hope you will purchase pulpit flowers to remember or honor those you care about and to support Sisterhood.  Deadline to return forms for High Holidays is July 31, 2020.


We will continue the tradition of a Memorial Booklet for Yom Kippur, but this year it will be a virtual booklet on the CEI website.  A participation form is in the July Bulletin and one will also be in the August Bulletin.  Deadline to be included for High Holidays is September 8, 2020.  If you have any questions, please contact the office.


Mark your calendars and please join us on Sunday August 23 at 10:30 am for a seminar titled “Women in Judaism”.  It will be led by Rabbi Lenny and is open to all.  It will be online and we will be using the same login as we do for Friday evenings.


Et Cetra

CEI is closed until further notice.  All meetings and events have been cancelled. Shabbat Services are Online Only.  In order to protect our staff, please DO NOT enter the building with your FOB.  If there is something you need, arrangements can be made for safe distancing pick up.


Please do NOT drop off rummage items to CEI.  Our rummage storage area and even the archive area is full.  We appreciate your thinking of us, but since we do not know when a rummage sale will be scheduled we cannot accept anything, at this time.  Thank you.


Please note:  When returning forms that require payment, please make sure you WRITE A SEPARATE CHECK for each payment.  The treasurers are not able to transfer funds between them.  Since there are different treasurers, this will ensure you are credited for payment, will make the bookkeeping easier and the processing faster.  The Treasurers no longer accept checks for funds outside their control.  Thank you.


July 31:   Cecily Aronson, Joseph Bernstein, Belle Cohen, *Sgt/Maj Abraham Corman, *Catherine Davis, Gladys Dunhoff, Anna Glasser, *Baila Miriam Harris, *Lillian Liebman, *Samuel Liebman, Sarah Meyers, *Herbert Moidel, *Alvin J. Moldovan, *Harry Olesker, Donald Perusse, Jr., *Michael Sandson, Diane Tauber and *Karen Anne Wolf.