Education for Children



Once children reach school-age, parents are faced with an important choice.  Should I send my child to receive a Jewish Education and if so, where to send them, while balancing the myriad of secular activities they are also involved with?

CEI can provide the depth of education for your child while remaining flexible to the change of scheduling always present.

We divide our programs for children into two categories – Hebrew and Religious Studies.  We have instructors that will focus on each subject and adjust to the level of knowledge your child brings to the class.  Depending on the needs of the child, they may be part of a class of students or they may receive individual instruction, if the situation calls for it.  We at CEI believe it is critically important for our children to learn about Judaism in order to practice Judaism.  We will adjust the program to meet the needs of your child.  Please communicate with the rabbi to discuss the needs of your child.