Distance Education



Where is Judaism? That may seem like a pretty unimportant question when compared to hot-button topics like “Who Is a Jew” or “Why Be Jewish.”

Today, however, the locations of Judaism are rapidly shifting, bringing the question of “where” to the forefront. In a sense, we are watching a 21st-century “immigration” of Judaism to the Internet that may be no less significant than the vast immigration of Eastern European Jews to America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

CEI recognizes that the geography of a synagogue in our world today has a much different definition.  Much like the adjustments we have made for our children, we have made similar adjustments for Jews that live remote from the synagogue.  You still have the ability to belong to our Jewish community; you still have the ability to participate in our educational programs.  Teachers will work with you, at the level of expertise that you have, as a child or an adult, so that you may receive the kind of Jewish education you want.

Call the rabbi to discuss how this unique program works!