Adult Education


Lifelong Jewish learning has been a core value of Judaism since Ezra mandated the public reading of the Torah . Batei midrash (houses of study) were established so adults could fulfill the mitzvah of Talmud Torah. In America, adult learning became a central programmatic component of synagogues. 

Today’s Jews seek meaning and connection to their lives from texts and teachers. Today’s Jewish adults search for answers to life’s many questions. They strive to excel, and to act as role models for their children.

CEI has a variety of adult educational programs.  We offer classes in Torah, Talmud, and seminars from a number of Jewish topics.  Keep an eye out for the announcements of those classes on our website.

If a class is not offered, Rabbi Lenny will be happy to tailor and act as instructor in the creation in a special class just for you on the topic of your choice.  Please contact Rabbi Lenny at your convenience.